Sky Shishiku Paraglider School

  1. Sky Shishiku Paraglider School

Go on a 10 to 15-minute paraglider flight from the (approx.) 600m summit of Shishiku Highland together with an instructor. The entire experience takes around an hour, including reception, briefing, transfer, flight, and landing. Take a mid-air walk and feel the breeze while looking down on the Sea of Japan and the alluvial fan of the Tedori River.


Open 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (varies depending on the season)
Capacity 1 person or more
Duration about 1 hour
Venue Shishiku Highland
Reservations Required
Address 109 Yahatamachi, Hakusan, Ishikawa
Fee 10,000 JPY (separate gondola fee for 500 JPY)
Holidays Winter (December to March)
Nearest Station Tsurugi Station on the Hokuriku Railroad
Phone 076-273-2320


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